Judicial Separation Solicitor

A Decree of Judicial Separation is an alternative to divorce, in the unfortunate situation where a relationship breaks down. It is usually sought by older or religious couples, or couples who have been married for less than one year. Following a Decree of Judicial Separation, the couple remain legally married but all normal marital obligations cease and they do not have to go on living together.

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Grounds for Judicial Separation

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Judicial Separation Law

Tracey Miller Family Law's experienced solicitors will help you understand how judicial separation law will affect you and your partner following separation.

In a case of judicial separation, the court has almost the same range of powers as in divorce proceedings, meaning that it is able to deal with issues relating to financial matters between the parties. With regards to children, the Court has exactly the same powers as it does when dealing with divorce proceedings.

A couple who have obtained a judicial separation are still eligible to apply for a divorce should they wish to at a later date. But unlike with divorce, a couple who are judicially separated may still be eligible to receive benefits under the pension scheme of their spouse upon their passing.

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