This is why it’s so important to have a good support network around you. These are people you’re close to, who can provide support on everything from helping with childcare to simply just listening.

 Another way to get through a difficult separation is to try to focus on the positives. This may seem easier said than done, but if you look hard enough – you will be able to see sunshine peeking through the dark clouds.

Here are just a handful of divorce ‘upsides’ which might apply to your circumstances, but it’s likely that you’ll also be able to find a few of your own. Whenever things are getting on top of you, these could potentially help to lift your mood. Or at the very least, reassure you that you’re doing the right thing and that things will get better.

1. A healthier atmosphere at home

If you and your partner are arguing all the time or there are other symptoms of an unhappy marriage, it n put real strain on the whole family. Children pick up on this tension and animosity, and it can create an unhealthy and unbalanced home life for them.

So while divorce will inevitably come with short-term upheaval and there will always be some impact on children, it can be seen as the best choice for the long-term. As long as children are loved, safe and get to spend time with both parents (where appropriate), they’ll be able to weather the storm and bounce back.

2. A boost to your self-esteem

No one feels at their best when going through a messy separation. In some relationships, one person may lose their self-confidence and self-esteem altogether. They may forget who they were before and outside of the relationship. But gradually following divorce, this self-confidence can start to return. You may start to remember all of those great things you like about yourself.

3. A fresh start

While it may not feel like it at the time, divorce can be just the shot in the arm you need to try something new. It’s a chance to start over, to step out in a new direction. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about changing careers or going travelling. With just you making the decisions and calling the shots, you may feel empowered to finally do it.

4. More sleep and better health

 Worrying about relationship problems can lead to sleepless nights. You may also experience stress, anxiety, loss of appetite and many other issues that can affect your health. It may take some time, but once the divorce is behind you, you can start to sleep better, take care of yourself and feel more balanced.

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