International Family Law


As the number of marriages where one or both spouses have a connection to another jurisdiction continues to increase we need to be more aware of the difficulties that may be faced navigating divorce law across jurisdiction.

With the growth of cross-border divorces, Tracey Miller Family Law’s specialist lawyers are becoming increasingly experienced in dealing with divorces and financial settlements which have an international element.


Here at Tracey Miller Family Law, our specialist divorce solicitors are experienced in both international cases and domestic relocation cases. Consequently, Tracey Miller Family Law’s international family law expertise is regularly required in relation to every aspect of international divorce, including the wellbeing of children.

Relocation disputes arise when parents have separated and one of them proposes to take their child or children to live in a new geographical location and the other parent objects to the proposal.

When those proposed moves are within the United Kingdom we will call the dispute “domestic relocation cases”. The proposed moves beyond the borders of the UK are called "international relocation cases.”

Here at Tracey Miller Family Law our expert, friendly and professional team of divorce and family law solicitors understand how difficult a separation can be, whether it involves domestic relocation or international relocation.

Our specialist team of divorce solicitors in the North West has experience in successfully dealing with both domestic and international relocation cases.

As Tracey Miller says:

“This is an area of speciality that has recently been developing, I am very pleased to say that to date all cases have been completely successful whether we have been representing the parent that wishes to relocate or the parent that objects to the same. This is an area of law which is continuing to develop and we have  made ties with a number of international law firms across the globe."

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